Adrian Borland

I am full of awe, as I try to put together some words for our homage to this great artist who means a lot to many of us.

His songs, always soulful, contains some of the most powerful and earnest lyrics in popular music; themes spanning from the quiet pains of love through his sincere hopes for the improvement of the human race, to his struggle with depression.

I am glad and proud to be the one to present to you some wonderful cover versions, and even a tribute song, to this amazing songwriter.

We miss you Adrian.


-Trond H. Klykken 04.23.09

Recent Reviews


Stephen Garey:

1.Winning - 04:10

The Apology Line:

2.Missiles -04:58

Rouge Beauty:

3.Some Other Way Out - 04:51

Toni Colomer:

4.Counting the Days - 03:51


5.Dead Guitars - 04:39

Trond K & The Serious Issues:

6.Bright White Light - 02:41

7.Wild Rain - 02:28

The Crucified Twins:

8.Silent Air- 07:20

The Virgin Web:

9.Winter- 04:29

Alexander King and Tanny Clapsaddle:

10.Unwritten Law- 02:47


-------------Bonus Tracks-------------

Eres Iranzo

11.Contact the Fact - 03:21


12.Fire - 02:52